Astra Soccer Academy

Astra Soccer Academy is an organization whose mission is to provide a professional, safe and positive environment in the process of developing talented young players capable of competing at the highest levels of competitive soccer.

We seek to provide an equal opportunity for all soccer players to participate in a competitive environment that develops a player's skills, knowledge and appreciation for the game of soccer by incorporating the best training, structure and growth through positive coaching.

Our main focus is in the improvement of the individual player through skill enhancement and intellectual understanding of game strategy. We strive to help players mature as people and encourage the development of important life skills such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting and fair play.

This program is designed to accommodate players of all ages and skills. TSA is for beginners ages 5 to 8.  Glen Ellyn Soccer Club caters to intermediate players ages 9 or older and Astra Soccer Academy is for advanced players 13 years or older.

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